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Revisited: Violence and Generational Relations, pt. 2

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1. SHCY 2019 Conference Plenary: Childhood and Governmentality
Childhood and Governmentality was a plenary originally presented on 27 June 2019 during the 2019 Biennial SHCY Conference in Sydney, Australia, with chair Thom Axelsson and speakers Sana Nakata, Patrick Ryan and Marek Tesar in the Ryan Auditorium (James Carroll Building).
Tags: SHCY Conference, Feature
2. Chris Brickell: SHCY Conference Keynote
Watch or listen to Chris Brickell's keynote presentation for SHCY's 2019 Conference, "Encounters and Exchanges," in Sydney, Australia. 
Tags: SHCY Conference, Feature
3. 2019 SHCY Conference Registration
Tags: SHCY Conference

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