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CFP: Childhood/Education Network of ESSHC

15 April 2019 is the deadline for sending in your paper and session proposals for the ESSHC 2020.  The ESSHC 2020 will take place in Leiden, The Netherlands on Wednesday 18 - Saturday 21 March 2020Leiden is a great city that can be reached by train from all over Europe.


Our network (Education and/or Childhood) is a relatively small network - Consequently our CFP cannot be too focused with the risk of excluding interesting possibilities.  Note that the examples below are a result of suggestions at our last network meeting and some later proposals. The scarcity of panels suggesting educational themes reflect the proposals at the meeting.  However, the network strongly encourages panels on a large variety educational theme.


Sessions/Panels that can be organized or co-list with other networks are encouraged as well as proposals for complete panels, but we also welcome single paper proposals. Please indicate what over networks that you feel should be (might be) interested in your proposal.  Complete panel proposals may be reorganized to accommodate single paper proposals, if needed. Please make sure that the panelists are committed to participate. It is always tricky to re-organize  


Themes (examples);  Gender, Early modern, Religion; Oral history; Transnational perspectives- comparative histories of children,/childhood; The politics of children’s rights;  Health and childhood; Children and space;  The centennial of the WWI peace treaty – consequences for children;  30 years with the UNCRC – retrospective perspective; Child agency – revisited again, the historians take; Representing children and children’s voice;  Democracy,  Age and Voting rights;  Visualizing childhood,  Childhood and Propaganda; Parenting. Colonial childhoods; Post-colonial Childhoods and the Global South,


Method/Theory session (examples); Institutional history and records; children’s voice and agency


Examples of sessions/panels (examples); forced adoption/adoption; the “pre-history of pre-schooling”; feminization of teaching; co-education; nationalization of education and the treatment of minorities/ ethnicity/language. Child psychiatry/mental health; Transfer of children across borders/migration.  Vulnerability of child subjects in oral creation of new “minorities” with the centennial of the WWI peace treaty.  Parents Rights and Children’s Rights.  The History Children’s Rights; The Rights of the Unborn; Saving the Earth, the Greta effect, a transnational history; 

                                                                                                                                                                                 Bengt Sandin

Professor Em, Child Studies, Network chair/organizer