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Contribute Your News to the SHCY Website

Beginning in September 2018, SHCY will post member news monthly. News includes significant scholarly achievements, such as books published or reviewed, articles published, websites launched, awards for research or teaching, new syllabi, or press interviews (text, audio, or video).

Email: cjoubert@uwo.ca or shcyhome@gmail.com
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Examples include:

SHCY member Leslie Paris (University of British Columbia) has been awarded the 2012 Yasuo Sakakibara Prize by the American Studies Association for her paper “‘The Mess They Leave Behind’: American Children and Environmental Activism, 1962-1980.” The Yasuo Sakakibara Prize is awarded annually for the best paper presented by an international scholar at the ASA’s annual meeting. The winning paper may deal with any aspect of American history, culture, or society.

SHCY member Shurlee Swain (Australian Catholic University) recently contributed to the website The Conversation, exploring the history of adoption and child protection in Australia in the wake of the Spring 2012 release of the Australian Senate’s Community Affairs Committee report on forced adoption and a report entitled Protecting Victoria’s Vulnerable Children.

SHCY member Rebecca de Schweinitz (Brigham Young University) recently spoke with an NPR-affiliated radio station in Utah about her research on childhood and abolitionism. The interview is archived here, and explores her book chapter, “‘Waked Up to Feel’: Debating Childhood, Debating Slavery in Antebellum America,” which appears in James Marten, ed., Childhood and Youth During the Civil War Era (New York: New York University Press, 2012).