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Event Grants

The Society for the History of Children and Youth offers event grants every biennium. The typical cycle for the awards process is as follows: the juries are formed in the late Summer; calls for nominations are circulated through social media during the Fall; deadlines for submission for the previous years publications happen in January; and the announcements are made in the early Summer.  

Our current award cycle is 2019-2021, please review our distributed call for papers, below:

SHCY Outreach Grants 2019-2020

The SHCY will award two $500 grants and one $1500 grant for events that take place in 2019-2020.

The $500 grants will help defray expenses for speakers, workshops, and other scholarly events fully or partially devoted to the history of children and youth.

Possible uses:

  • Keynote speakers or panelists
  • Receptions
  • Printed materials
  • Publicity
  • Support for students attending the event 

The $1500 grant will help offset the costs of a regional conference dedicated to the history of children and youth and held in 2019-20.

Application deadline for both grants: October 31, 2019 (notice of decision November 15)

Applications: One-page applications should be submitted as PDF files via email to the Outreach Committee: Bengt Sandin, Ishita Pande, and Elizabeth Dillenburg.  

Please include:

  • Date, location, and primary sponsor of event
  • Description of audience (size, makeup)
  • Total cost of event and other confirmed or potential funding sources
  • Description of event that articulates how it contributes to all or part of SHCY’s mission: promoting the history of children and youth by supporting research about childhood, youth cultures, and the experience of young people across diverse times and places; fostering study across disciplinary and methodological boundaries; providing venues for scholars to communicate with one another; and promoting excellence in scholarship.


Eligibility and Terms of the grants:

  • Applicants must be members of SHCY. (See http://shcyhome.org/membership/ for membership information.)
  • Recipients of 2017-18 Outreach Grants cannot receive 2019-20 grants, and no one may apply for more than one 2014 grant.
  • Funds will be distributed directly to host departments or institutions prior to the event.
  • SHCY must be acknowledged as co-sponsor on all print and web-based materials and announcements, and, when appropriate, in speaker introductions. When possible, use the SHCY logo and link to the SHCY website.
  • SHCY must be sent PDF’s or links to announcements and promotional materials before the event.
  • A report must be submitted to the chairs of the Outreach Committee no later than thirty days after the funded event. It should consist of the following:
    • Blog post describing the event for use on the SHCY website
    • Summary of the attendance (size, makeup)
    • Copy of appropriate printed materials or screenshots of websites
    • Description of the actual expenses covered by the grant

Recipients of grants will be announced by November 15, 2019.