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2017: SHCY Ninth Biennial Conference

From the CFP:
Children and youth encounter a steady stream of opportunities to transform themselves even as they are categorized by others. Through various acts of circulation, imagination and rebellion, children and youth have helped to transform the worlds around them. In addition, we know that the young have responded by altering the meaning of gender, race, and sexuality – among other markers of identity – as they were prescribed by previous generations. Yet, these are only the most general of historical statements. How might current historical studies of childhood help us better grasp the connection between childhood, youth, and the many instances of “trans-” entering public and academic conversations? Specifically, but not exclusively, we call for papers/panels exploring transnational or trans-colonial exchanges; venturing into the worlds of transient workers, refugees, migrants, and the homeless; investigating the dynamics of transactional spaces (markets, advertising, popular culture); locating transformative historical structures, experiences, or events; reconsidering well-worn questions about the transgression/constitution of social norms; and examining the human capacity to transfigure or translate texts and artifacts.

Our theme draws upon the interdisciplinary orientation of this year’s hosting department: the program in Childhood Studies at Rutgers University, Camden. We welcome contributions by persons working from philosophy, languages, literature, anthropology, sociology, political science, education, social work, and law – among other disciplines and professions – who are using historical sources and methods to analyze the discourses, institutions, and practices of childhood and youth.


The full CFP can be found here.