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School of Racism & Citizens and Rulers of the World

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School of Racism & Citizens and Rulers of the World

By: Catherine Larochelle and Mashshid Mayar

Podcast Interview:

Catherine Larochelle and Mahshid Mayar discuss their recent books, "School of Racism: A Canadian History, 1830-1915" and "Citizens and Rulers of the World: The American Child and the Cartographic Pedagogies of Empire," with Kristine Alexander. Listen here. You can listen to other episodes of the SHCY podcast by visiting our podcast website, or you can subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. 

Catherine Larochelle

About Catherine Larochelle

Catherine Larochelle is a professor in the history department of the University of Montreal, a member of the Centre d’histoire des régulations sociales and of the editorial committee of the journal HistoireEngagée.ca. Her research focuses on the history of childhood and youth, the history of racism in Quebec/Canada, representations of Indigenous peoples and the history of the French-Canadian missionary movement. She is the author of the book L’école du racisme. La construction de l'altérité à l'école québécoise 1830-1915 published by Presses de l'Université de Montréal in 2021. An English translation of her book will be published by University of Manitoba Press in December 2023 under the title School of Racism: A Canadian History, 1830-1915. She is currently working on the history of the Catholic organization "L'Oeuvre de la Sainte-Enfance" (The Holy Childhood Association).

Mahshid Mayar

About Mahshid Mayar

Invested in transnational and Asian American Studies, Mahshid Mayar is the author of Citizens and Rulers of the World: The American Child and the Cartographic Pedagogies of Empire (University of North Carolina Press), that has been awarded the Shelley Fisher Fishkin Prize for International Scholarship in Transnational American Studies (by the American Studies Association). Mahshid’s second-book project interrogates the politics and poetics of silence through “erasure poetry” by Asian- and Indigenous American poets. Mahshid has published numerous essays and articles on American childhoods, cultural history of the US empire, historical digital games, and more recently on silence and silencing and 21C US poetry. Together with Marion Schulte (Universität Rostock), she has co-edited Silence and Its Derivatives: Conversations across Disciplines (Palgrave Macmillan, 2022), an essay collection that offers a cross-disciplinary survey of silence and silencing across the humanities. Focused on the “scripts of empire” as her main research interest, Mahshid currently works on a variety of research projects on protest in 21C erasure poetry and the history of the US empire. Mahshid has held fellowships at Amherst College, Massachusetts, University of Georgetown, Washington D.C., and the International Youth Library, Munich.



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