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Revisited: The History of Sexuality

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11. Rachael A. Beyer
Raechel A. Beyer is a PhD candidate and Scholar in the Hagley Program in the History of Capitalism, Technology, and Culture at the University of Delaware. Read her reflection on the roots and influences of the Future Farmers of America.
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12. Revisited: American Child Bride
This week we revisit American Child Bride: A History of Minors and Marriage in the United States by Nicholas L. Syrett. In addition to the featured post, please listen here for Dr. Syrett's interview with his colleague at the University of Kansas, Stacey Vanderhurst.
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13. Childhood, Education and the Stage in Early Modern England
Deanne Williams edited this collection with Richard Preiss. Click to read a review of Childhood, Education and the Stage in Early Modern England. Also be sure to listen to Deanne discuss her collection with John Edwards, a lute player and the artistic director of The Musicians in Ordinary.
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14. How to Find (Rural) Children in a Thesis
Celeste de Marco, the Coordinator of the Network of Rural Studies on Family, Childhood and Youth, talks about unravelling rural childhood experience from historical narratives and research.
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15. Revisited: Progressive Mothers, Better Babies
We revisit our first ever featured book, Okezi T. Otovo's Progressive Mothers, Better Babies: Race, Public Health, and the State in Brazil, 1850-1945. In addition to the featured post, please listen here for Dr. Otovo's interview with her colleague at Florida International University, Bianca Premo.
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16. Democracy's Schools: The Rise of Public Education in America
Learn about Johann N. Neem's latest monograph, Democracy's Schools: The Rise of Public Education in America. Also listen to his interview with Kate Destler, here.
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17. Children and Material Culture in 19th Century South-Eastern Europe
Please enjoy Nicoleta Roman's report on this workshop that was hosted on 11-12 July 2019 by the New Europe College–Institute for Advanced Study in Bucharest.
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18. Revisited: What to Make of Child-saving Discourse?

Shurlee Swain and Patrick J. Ryan engage with the critical ideologies of child-saving discourses in history and the present. Listen to this episode of the SHCY podcast.

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19. A Short History of Small People
James Marten discusses the methodology of the short books in children and youth histories, as well as his latest work, Very Short Intrudction to the History of Childhood. with PhD Candidate Lisa Lamson. Listen here.
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20. A Conference Year
Our final day of A Year in a Week looks back at our wonderful conference this past summer, hosted by Australian Catholic University in Sydney, Australia, and themed "Encounters and Exchanges."
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