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Revisited: Violence and Generational Relations, pt. 2

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1. Revisited: Fostering on the Farm
This week we revisit Fostering on the Farm: Child Placement in the Rural Midwest by Megan Birk. In addition to the featured post, please listen here for Dr. Birk's interview which is conducted by Jennifer Robin Terry, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley.
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2. Revisited: The Best Possible Immigrants
The eighth featured book is The Best Possible Immigrants: International Adoption by Rachel Rains Winslow. In addition to the featured post, please listen here for Dr. Winslow's interview with her colleague, Heather Keaney.
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3. Revisited: Child Soldiers in the Western Imagination
This week, we revisit Child Soldiers in the Western Imagination: From Patriots to Victims by David M. Rosen. In addition to the featured post, please listen here for Dr. Rosen's interview with his colleague, Robert Houle.
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4. French Children Under the Allied Bombs, 1940-1945
Read about Lindsey Dodd's monograph, French Children Under the Allied Bombs, 1940-1945: An Oral History. You can also listen to her interview, conducted by Joe Hopkinson, a PhD student at the University of Huddersfield, here
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5. Canadian Carnival Freaks and the Extraordinary Body, 1900-1970s
This week we explore Jane Nicholas's monograph, Canadian Carnival Freaks and the Extraordinary Body, 1900-1970s. To learn more and listen to her interview with Renee Bondy, click here.
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6. American Tomboys
This week we have a review of American Tomboys, 1850-1915 by Renée Sentilles. Also take a listen to our latest podcast episode with Renée, here.
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7. COVID-19 Graduate Student Roundtable
We have a special feature this week. Graduate students Edcel Javier Cintron Gonzalez (Illinois State University) and Nicola Robertson (University of Strathclyde) talk with Dr. Pat Ryan (King's University College) about strategies for navigating a pandemic while managing your academic goals and responsibilities.
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8. Revisited: Childhood and Colonial Modernity in Egypt
The fourth in the Featured Books series is Heidi Morrisons's Childhood and Colonial Modernity in Egypt. In addition to the featured post, please listen here for Dr. Morrison's interview with Nancy Gallagher, professor emeritus from the University of California, Santa Barbara.
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9. Cecilie Bjerre
Learn about the work of Cecilie Bjerre, a Ph.D. Candidate from the University of Southern Denmark. She discusses the case files of of out-of-home placements of children in Denmark form 1905-1975.
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10. Sick Kids
This week we discuss Sick Kids: The History of the Hospital for Sick Children, a monograph by David Wright. Included is  a new SHCY podcast episode, which you can listen to, here.
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Displaying: 1 - 10 of 80

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