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A Year of News

2019: A Year of News

Compiled By: Carla Joubert

Welcome to Day 1 of A Year in a Week. This week we will explore the SHCY’s first full year of content since shifting to our new website in the winter of 2018. On Day 1 we look back at all the news brought to us in childhood and youth history.

Childhood and Youth in the Media

We commonly advertised blogs, news pieces, and publications about childhood and youth. These public history projects span the globe.

Gender, Childhood, and Racial Segregation in the U.S.

Livia Gershon reframes the Women’s March movement in the historical context of race, religion, and class in America. She critically reflects on the power dynamics that have uplifted privileged white women’s voices, often at the detriment of women of colour and economically disadvantaged communities.

Histories of Childhood and Youth in the Middle East

Ottoman History Podcast AvatarThe Ottoman History Podcast asked “does everybody have a childhood? What kinds of childhood experiences have defined the modern Middle East” for their 402nd episode. This episode includes interviews with Dylan Baun (University of Alabama Huntsville), Heidi Morrison (University of Wisconsin - La Crosse), Murat Yildiz (Skidmore College), and Susanna Ferguson (Ph.D. Candidate at Columbia University).

Youth Circulations: Albarrán on Latin American Youth Leaders

Elena Jackson Albarrán is an Associate Professor of History and Global and Intercultural Studies in the Department of Latin American, Latino/a and Caribbean Studies at the University of Miami. In her essay, “Pan American Dreams” for Youth Circulations, Dr. Jackson Albarrán explores the diplomatic education gained by youth leaders who travelled from Latin America to the United States.

House of European History: Restless Youth Exhibit

The House of European History has opened a year-long exhibit "Restless Youth: Growing Up in Europe, 1945 to Now."

“The First Day” a Film by Professor Andrew N. WilliamsPessimists' Archives Podcast

Professor Andrew N. Williams wrote and directed “The First Day.” The film recreats eighteenth century voluntary hospital child healthcare, as premised on the archival records of the Northampton General Infirmary. Professor Williams is a consultant community paediatrician, medical historian, archive curator, playwright, and filmmaker. 

Teddy Bears as a “Horrible Monstrosity” – A Documentary on Childhood and Playthings

This fascinating history of the teddy bear is part of the Pessimist’s Archives podcast series. Listen to this episode, here. This episode, which is hosted by Jason Feifer, features Karen Sanchez-Eppler (Amherst College), Jennifer Helgren(University of the Pacific), Peter Stearns (George Mason University) and others.

Sean’s Russia Blog Podcast

In 2019 we learned all about childhood and youth experiences in Eurasia through Sean Guillory’s Russia Blog Podcast. Sean, an academic at the Center for Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies, brought us three episodes:

Sean's Russia Blog Avatar“We Shall Refashion Life on Earth!” Youth in Eurasia

Dr. Guillory interviews Matthias Neumann (University of East Anglia), Elizabeth McGuire (California State East Bay), Margaret Peacock (University of Alabama), Diana Georgescu (University College London), Olena Nikolayenko (Fordham University) on youth and communist politics from the late nineteenth century to the present.

“Perestroika and Punk Rock”: SRB Interviews Vladimir Kozlov – Novelist and Filmmaker

Here, Sean speaks with Vladimir Kozlov, a celebrated and prolific Russian author on music, politics, and youth culture in the late Cold War period.

“Domestic Service in the USSR”: An Interview of Alissa Klots by Sean Guillory

Alissa Klots, Assistant Professor of Russian History, discusses the gendered history of domestic service during and under Soviet communism.


The SHCY continued its mandate to promote and uplift innovative thought in childhood and youth studies.In that vein, the SHCY distributed awards from within the society and the website promoted society members who won awards internally and externally.

2019 Prose Award in Archeology and Ancient History

Unearthing Childhood: Youth Lives in Prehistory (Manchestor University Press, 2018) by Robin Derricourt (Honorary Associate Professor in the School of Humanities at the University of New South Wales and a Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities) won PROSE Award from the Association of American Publishers.

SHCY Award Committee Reports for Years 2017 and 2018SHCY Logo

In our review of awards for 2017-2018 through the SHCY we reminded SHCY members of the following awards:

Antonie Burgard won the SHCY Best Article Prize in French (2017-2018)

“Retranscrire la violence et le traumatisme. Mises en récit administratives de la persécution dans l’immédiate après-Shoah,” Vingtième Siècle. Revue d'histoire, 139, 3 2018: 165-176.

Rossella Raimondo won the SHCY Best Article Prize in Italian (2017-2018)

“Cosmic education: arts and sciences as resources for human development” Studi sulla formazione 2018 (2): 249-260.

Celeste de Marco and Alejandra Salomón won the SHCY Best Article Prize in Spanish (2017-2018)

"Voces y miradas sobre la niñez rural. Una propuesta para nuevas aproximaciones (Argentina, mediados del siglo XX)” Apuntes [Argentina] 83 (2018): 175-203.

Julia Gossard won the Fass-Sandin Article Prize in English (2017)

“Tattletales:  Childhood and Authority in Eighteenth-Century France,” The Journal of the History of Childhood and Youth 10, no. 2 (2017): 169-87.

Emily Baughan won the Fass-Sandin Article Prize in English (2018)

“International Adoption and Anglo-American Internationalism, c.1918–1925,” Past & Present 239, no. 1 (2018): 181-217.

Peter Håkansson and Tobias Karlsson won the Fass-Sandin Article Prize in Scandinavian Languages (2018)

”På spaning efter springpojken: Ungdomsjobb och sociala nätverk vid sekelskiftet 1900,” Historisk tidskrift 138, no 1. (2018): 33-62

Richard Ivan Jobs won the Grace Abbott Book Prize (2017)

Backpack Ambassadors: How Youth Travel Integrated Europe (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2017)

Tera Eva Agyepong won the Grace Abbott Book Prize (2018)

The Criminalization of Black Children. Race, Gender, and Delinquency in Chicago’s Juvenile System. 1899-1945 (University of North Carolina Press, 2018).

JHCY Best Article Award (2018)

Bart Ziino, Senior Lectured in Twentieth Century History at Deakin University, won the JHCY Best Article Prize (2018) for his article “They Seem to Understand all about the War': Australian children and the First World War,” Journal of the History of Childhood and Youth 11, no. 2 (2018): 227-247.


The SHCY is so impressed by the community of scholars, ever-expanding, in childhood and youth studies. It was our pleasure to advertise your new publications, including journal articles and monographs, from 2019. Book prices are listed in American dollars, unless otherwise indicated.

Anthropological Perspectives on Children as Helpers, Workers, Artisans and Laborers by David Lancy

New York: Palgrave-MacMillan, 2018
Pages: 253
eBook: $109 CAD
Hardcover: $139.99 CAD

Violencia e infancias en el cine latinoamericano edited by Andrea Gremels and Susana SosenskiEmotionally Disturbed Book Cover

Berlin: Peter Lang, 2019
Pages: 247
eBook: $56.95

Emotionally Disturbed: A History of Caring for America’s Troubled Children by Deborah Blythe Doroshow

Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2019
Pages: 344
45-day eBook rental: $10
eBook: $45
Cloth: $45

Children’s Voices from the Past: New Historical and Interdisciplinary Perspectives edited by Kristine Moruzi, Nell Musgrove, and Carla Pascoe Leahy

New York: Palgrave-MacMillan, 2019
Pages: 349
eBook: 85.59 €
Hardcover: 103.99 €

Cub Reporters: American Children’s Literature and Journalism in the Golden Age by Paige Gray

New York: State University of New York Press, 2019
Pages: 170
Hardcover: $85
eBook: $85

Youth Squad Book CoverBallet Class: An American History by Melissa Klapper

Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2020
Pages: 432
Hardcover: $29.95

Youth Squad: Policing Children in the Twentieth Century by Tamara Myers

Montreal and Kingston: McGill-Queens University Press, 2019
Pages: 272
Paperback: $32.95 CAD
Cloth: $110 CAD

Crying the News: A History of America’s Newsboys by Vincent DiGirolamo

Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2019
Pages: 712
Hardcover: $35

About Carla Joubert

Carla Joubert is a PhD Candidate at the University of Western Ontario. This is her third year as the Digital Fellow for Carla Joubertthe SHCY. She is also a digital research assistant for London's Hear, Here public history coordinators. Her research is centred on the role of white women in the settler colonization of the Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek and Alberta in the nineteenth century as comparative case studies. You can follow her on Twitter. She has presented at the European Conference on African Studies on the relationship between Groot Trek leader Louis Trichardt, his trek party, and the Dzanani Venda in the Transvaal region. That presentation will be included in a workshop at Africa 2020, celebrating 60 years of independence for 17 countries on the African continent at the University of Leiden, which is slated for publication. She has also submitted an article to the South African Historical Journal, "'Tradition Falsifies': The Mfecane and the Groot Trek as Settler Colonial Origin Myths in South Africa." In 2020 she will present “Hunting on the Frontier: The Relationship between Gendered Roles and the Environment in Percy Fitzpatrick's Jock of the Bushveld” in a workshop that she organized for the Berkshire Conference of Women Historians. She will also present on "The Women of Wetaskiwin: Gender and Empire in Wetaskiwin, Alberta from 1892-1905" at the Canadian Historical Association Annual Meeting.