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Neubauer Wins Fass-Sandin Article Prize in English for 2020

Fass-Sandin Article Prize (English) 2020

Jack Neubauer, “Adopting Revolution: The Chinese Communist Revolution and the Politics of Global Humanitarianism,” Modern China July 2020, 1-30.

With an extensive source base spanning the United States, China and regions within, Dr. Neubauer traces the historical significance of Chinese children’s letter writing to US sponsors and addresses very big questions of international politics and global humanitarianism. Through a careful and critical analysis of letters and archival materials, and taking into account the varied stakeholders, Neubauer shows how child recipients of humanitarian aid were shaping the politics and economics of this aid while at the same time narrating the Chinese Communist revolution for foreign audiences. Neubauer is thoughtful with his material, overtly addressing his methodology and noting potential pitfalls, and the subtlety and nuance with which he navigates questions of language and translation particularly is indicative of the assiduous care he takes generally. Neubauer is deftly in step with the latest turns in history of childhood and the history of humanitarianism within a trans-regional framework. The article is thoroughly contextualized and marvelously well-written and will benefit scholars and students alike.

Award Committee: Richard Ivan Jobs, Abosede George, and Bianca Premo