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SHCY Endorses AHA Statement on Executive Order

Society for History of Children and Youth statement:

Our organization seeks and depends upon a vibrant and open exchange of ideas from scholars from around the world. This commitment has encouraged the SHCY Executive Committee, on behalf of the SHCY membership, to endorse the American Historical Association’s recent denouncement of the Executive Order restricting entry to the United States. The AHA statement, endorsed by the SHCY, states in part that “(t)he AHA represents teachers and researchers who study and teach history throughout the world. Essential to that endeavor are interactions with foreign colleagues and access to archives and conferences overseas. The executive order threatens global scholarly networks our members have built up over decades. It establishes a religious test for scholars, favoring Christians over Muslims from the affected countries; and it jeopardizes both travel and the exchange of ideas upon which all scholarship ultimately depends.” You can read the complete statement on the part of the AHA here.