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An international, scholarly, peer-reviewed journal, the Journal of the History of Childhood and Youth explores the development of childhood and youth cultures and the experiences of young people across diverse times and places. JHCY embraces a wide range of historical methodologies as well as scholarship in other disciplines that share a historical focus. Each issue also includes an “object lesson” on the material culture of childhood, contemporary policy pieces, and relevant book reviews.

The Editor of the JHCY is professor Linda Mahood, from the University of Guelph. Dr. Mahood's research Linda Mahoodfocuses on a comparative analysis of punishment and control in nineteenth and twentieth century Britain and Canada, as well as child welfare and 1970s youth culture. She is a prolific author. Her most recent publication is Thumbing a Ride: Hitchhikers, Hostels and Counterculture in Canada, which explores how hitchhiking and hostelling taught a generation of youth in Canada to explore the boundaries of agency, independence, and resistance to state structures in the 1970s.